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TROMPSPACE 4D graphical system for the enhancement of the world wide web or other complex data structures SEP/2001
CYBER/VIRTUAL Paper for SIGraDi 2000, related to cybertecture & virtual architecture JUN/2000
HYBRID CHAIR Meaty/cyber design for a "chaise longue" MCH/2000
WS1 Theory for the design of a non linear web page OCT/1999
LANDSCAPE - 7° Example of how to acheive the design of and cybernetic space OCT/1999


FREELANCE Collection of renders and illustrations made for others architects and students JAN/2003
ICC - 10° International Commerce Centre - Thesis project for the degree of architect - UCV MCH/2001
MUSEUM - 9° Architecture Museum - Pre Thesis - UCV JUL/2000
ICVA Reference to the First Virtual Congress of Architecture JUN/2000


CV Curriculum Vitae JUN/2004
PASSAGE Collection of quotes and passages that I like JUL/2002

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